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We reduce the cost of returns in eCommerce.

Manage the return operations process with our software.
Improve productivity, save time and pay per use.
We tell you how.

It facilitates the decision-making of the operator and its client.
Through key indicators, in real time, with a productivity scorecard. Per operator / per process phase.

What do we do?

We improve productivity throughout the whole logistics process

with a platform that makes everything easier.
Simplify and automate highly diverse processes.
It is designed by and for the specific management of returns, of high casuistry and uniqueness.
It optimizes resources progressively, making the process more efficient with its use.
Facilitates a new way of working, with less equipment (hardware) and operators.
It is intuitive and simple.
Designed to be used plug and play by operators, with a very short induction

How do we do it?

We optimize the return operations process.

More efficient, faster and more profitable.
The automation of the process, the use of new technologies and an agile and simple work methodology provide greater profitability with fewer resources.
Our double obsession: reliability and traceability. We know at all times where an item is, the reason for the return, its status and the phases it will go through in our process. Items are registered, sorted and processed as quickly as possible and without errors.
The additional opportunity: convert a fixed cost into a variable one. You pay per unit processed, per volume of use.

How do we do it?

Valuable information to make decisions in real time

with key indicators and customized reports.
Know the reality of the business. Plan. Project trends. Detect incidents with an article. We help you make quick decisions based on reliable data. Because for a retailer to decide quickly is to win sales.
In Real time: The system extracts and analyzes the data in real time or with the established periodicity.
With online access: Various roles and administrators can access data from anywhere and on any device.
Configurable alerts and notices.

Why PackBack?

High capacity
In volume and complexity. SaaS hosted on cloud servers, prepared to handle high volumes of information.
Flexibility and scalability
Operate anywhere in the world with immediacy and the same work methodology. Adaptable to the needs of multiple languages, countries or regions.
High availability
We work with contingency plans that include the possibility of working offline for any external eventuality.
Security of the information
We protect your data thanks to a data and communications encryption system, with servers in our cloud that provide immediate latency and adaptability.
Process reliability
The system records all the operations carried out, establishes an identification control and access permissions at the level of users, groups and roles.
Integrable with other systems
Compatible with a wide range of customer or third-party systems (such as transport companies).
Quick deployment and customizable content
To respond to customer needs.
Technical assistance
We assign 24/7 support teams. We provide support in customizable implementation, training and integration.

Where do we work?

Now, our platform is processing in Europe and the United States.

+ 400.000
Managed references
+ 10.000.000
Returns processed annually
Our clients are:
  • Logistics operators (3PL).
  • Distribution centers of retail companies, with large volumes.
  • ECommerce platforms.
We want to grow with them, this is why the cost is variable depending on the volume.

Reference sectors







Who we are?

Nexe's experience and technology, turned into software.

Pack Back is our own technology platform with which we work and manage returns. Packback exponentially multiplies productivity in the workplace, giving as a value the information obtained in this process. In 2018 we began to market it to third parties, convinced of the usefulness and competitive advantage it provides. We are an outsourcing and consulting company, with more than 20 years of history and specialized in reverse logistics for eCommerce. Our clients are mainly large distribution chains in the fashion, technology and cosmetics sector.
More information:

Do you want to know the platform of the specialists in returns management and reverse logistics?

Frequently asked questions

What type of customization does it allow and how is it done?
The image of the company, item listings, business rules, screens, workflows, etc. they are created very quickly, effectively. They are configured individually for the customer, according to their guidelines. Nexe's team of consultants and programmers is in charge of making this customization within the framework of the collaboration agreement / contract.
What integrations are usually done?
We use the client's own hardware and technology. Both computers and mobile devices.
Do you also do outsourcing services?
Depending on your needs, we analyze the possibility of providing computer services, personnel, facilities, training ... From Nexe we can be in charge of the complete outsourcing of the returns service.
Can I have the software in other languages?
Yes, and it is currently available in Spanish, English, French and German.
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